Efficiency is critical in modern turbocharged engines, and Turbosmart has developed two brand new Kompact EM Series Blow-Off Valves for Ford's latest EcoBoost Trucks and SUVs. These Blow-Off Valves are an industry-first direct plug-and-play replacement for the plastic factory diverter valves. As these are direct replacements, no extra hoses, wires, or solenoids are required. Built to last just like the Bronco, these valves are made from durable billet CNC Aluminum and feature patented Integrated Pressure Control Technology. These valves are designed to produce more excellent reliability, superior boost handling, and improved response for forced induction applications. Available in Dual Port and Plumb Back, Turbosmart has the upgrade needed for any Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, or Maverick EcoBoost.

Applications: 2021+ Ford Bronco, 2021+ Ford Bronco Sport 2.0L, 2022+ Ford Maverick 2.0L

Part Numbers:

TS-0223-1082, Turbosmart 2021+ Ford Bronco/Bronco Sport 2.0L/2.3/2.7L Kompact EM Dual Port BlowOff Valve

Our Price: $245.95

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TS-0223-1282, Turbosmart 21+ Bronco 2.3/2.7L Bronco Sport 2.0L Maverick 2.0L Kompact EM Plumb Back BlowOff Valve

Our Price: $219.95

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