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MBRP 3-Inch Cat-Back Exhaust System: 2013+ Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ

Make the 2013+ Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ sing with MBRP's Armor Pro Series 3-Inch Cat-Back Exhaust system. Blending aggressive tones when deep in the throttle with quiet and sedate rumbles when making long-distance treks, this exhaust was designed for weekend track warriors. The MBRP Armor Pro Series is designed and built for serious enthusiasts who settle for nothing less than the top-of-the-line. Crafted of T304 stainless steel and backed by a lifetime warranty, this exhaust was made to handle all mother nature can throw at it and never skip a beat. Mandrel bent tubing maximizes exhaust flow, generating more performance and power over factory exhaust systems. MBRP offers this system with Burnt End Finish Tips, adding a unique flair to any vehicle.   Read more

18-21 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Custom Cam Kits - Stages 1-6 Gen 3 Hemi Cam Kits

Our GMR Trackhawk Staged Camshaft Kits are available in various stages ranging from street performance to grudge racing, track, and pro-street performance. Whether you have a Hellcat powered Jeep Trackhawk with stock displacement 6.2 liter VVT-style Gen 3 IHI 2.4 Supercharged Hemi engine or a built Gen 3 426 stroker engine with a 3.8 race ported Whipple, we have the right cam and valvetrain kit to help you make the most power from your combination.   Read more

JLT Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for 2011-2020 Dodge Challenger 6.4L

JLT has wholly redesigned their 2011-20 6.4 Hemi car intake for 2018. With the development and gains of their new Hellcat kit, they decided to improve their 2011-20 6.4 Hemi car intake. This kit includes a fully Roto Molded airbox with an opening in the front to grab fresh air from the grille/headlight area and seals to the hood. JLT feels this critical component puts their kit well above the rest.   Read more

Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust 2016-2022 Nissan Titan

The BORLA R&D Team has designed an excellent performance Cat-Back system for the 2016-2022 Nissan Titan. This Cat-Back system will significantly improve sound, giving the Titan a more exciting driving experience. The BORLA S-Type sound level is specifically tuned for performance and sound on the Nissan Titan‘s 5.6L V8 engine giving the truck a proper V8 growl and the distinct BORLA sound. As expected from BORLA, the system is drone-free to ensure an enjoyable ride, made of T-304 stainless steel, and comes with the BORLA Million-Mile Warranty. Additionally, this system features a bright chrome on T-304 stainless steel tips. Bolt-on a BORLA and hear the Titan roar!   Read more

MSS Automotive Sports Fully Adjustable Kit 2012-2022 Volkswagen Golf

MSS Automotive has released the Sports Fully Adjustable Kit for the 2012–2022 Volkswagen Golf MK7/MK8! Providing springs for the performance aftermarket has been one of the catalysts for the growth in MSS Automotive. An extensive product range with significant brand development annually combined with unique springs technology sets the company apart as the innovator in the industry.   Read more

HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust System 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R

Functionality meets performance with the new HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust System for the 2017–2021 Honda Civic Type R. This system was developed to be comfortable enough for daily use, but add desired performance to match the character of the Civic Type R. The large diameter pipe and full straight structure reduce the exhaust pressure to 50% of the stock.   Read more

Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System 2019-up Audi RS6/RS7 C8

This intake system utilizes all of the limited space available and features a completely redesigned airbox that maximizes volume, increases flow entry openings and a more favorable filter angle to the turbos. The turbo inlets themselves have also been increased by as much as 85% when measuring the cross-sectional area at the openings. Eventuri partnered with BMC filters for the bespoke filter element to ensure that the filtration area is as extensive and clean as possible. This kit delivers on all fronts and allows the turbos to generate boost more efficiently. The results are an improved throttle response and significant power gains, independently tested, increasing with higher states of tune. The performance gains measured result from the complete system they have developed from the airbox base to the lid and the inlets.   Read more

Oracle Lighting Bluetooth Colorshift Underbody Rock Light Kit

Take any off-road build to the next level of personalization with ORACLE Lighting's new Bluetooth ColorSHIFT Underbody Rock Light Kit, now available at Grudge Motorsports! This new "Dual-Control" ORACLE Underbody LED Rock Lights now features Bluetooth Smartphone control PLUS Wireless Remote. This kit can be installed in the wheel wells in front of and behind each tire. Their ColorSHIFT Technology allows the option to select from thousands of colors! Control the functions and colors of this kit via the Bluetooth App, or Remote!   Read more

Turbosmart Kompact EM Series Blow-Off Valves 2021-up Ford Bronco/Bronco Sport/Maverick

Efficiency is critical in modern turbocharged engines, and Turbosmart has developed two brand new Kompact EM Series Blow-Off Valves for Ford's latest EcoBoost Trucks and SUVs. These Blow-Off Valves are an industry-first direct plug-and-play replacement for the plastic factory diverter valves. As these are direct replacements, no extra hoses, wires, or solenoids are required. Built to last just like the Bronco, these valves are made from durable billet CNC Aluminum and feature patented Integrated Pressure Control Technology. These valves are designed to produce more excellent reliability, superior boost handling, and improved response for forced induction applications. Available in Dual Port and Plumb Back, Turbosmart has the upgrade needed for any Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, or Maverick EcoBoost.   Read more

Hawk Performance Talon Drilled & Slotted Rotors 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT

Maximize stopping power with Hawk Performance Talon Rotors, now available at Grudge Motorsports for 2005–2010 Ford Mustang GT! Decades of experience, continuous research and development, and dedication to bringing the highest quality premium friction products have led to the Hawk Performance Talon Rotors. Leveraging the high-quality of Hawk Performance's unique and proprietary DTC curved slot design, they are built to OE specifications, weights, production processes and are engineered to fit a vehicle's current braking system without modification. The Talon Rotors are available in a cross-drilled and slotted design or slotted-only for heavy-duty applications.   Read more

Roush Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System 2021-up Ford Bronco

This axle-back exhaust system is made from corrosion resistant T304 stainless steel and high-flow, 3-inch, mandrel bent tubing. Utilizing the existing exhaust hangers and mounting locations, this exhaust system is easy to install and adds an aggressive exhaust tone when cruising down the highway or the trails. Complete with a stainless steel ROUSH muffler and a removable black-coated tip, this exhaust system is ready for action. The removable exhaust tip is etched with the R logo and allows for an even greater departure angle when going the Bronco off the beaten path.   Read more

Belltech Trail Performance Lift Kits 0in-7.5in 2021-Up Ford Bronco

Now available at Grudge Motorsports, Belltech Trail Performance Lift Kits for the 2021+ Ford Bronco! Belltech engineers have designed the 2021+ 4WD Ford Bronco lift kits to a T, improving ride quality and making advanced safety their number one priority.   Read more

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Rancho Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Rancho is a popular brand of suspension, shocks, and more. Rancho was born in the 1950s in Long Beach, California, as Rancho Jeep Supply, and quickly grew into a thriving off-road and performance suspension components manufacturer. In 1985, Rancho launched what would later become its best-selling shock absorber: the RS5000. In 1990, Rancho was purchased by Tenneco Inc. and quickly expanded to include the world's first five-way adjustable shock absorber.   Read more

Pirelli Tires Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Pirelli, a Pure Consumer Tire Company, focuses on the High-Value tire market and is constantly engaged in developing innovative products to reach the highest levels of performance, safety, quietness, and adherence to road surfaces. Over the years, Pirelli has concentrated on developing, producing, and marketing tires with large rim sizes, unique technical and aesthetic characteristics, and associated with high performance, advanced technology, and safety.   Read more

Synergy Manufacturing Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Synergy Manufacturing is an industry innovator and manufacturer of high-end automotive performance components. These components are predominantly made in the USA and are primarily for the off-road aftermarket. Synergy Manufacturing has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of premium suspension products and systems since 2005. In addition to suspension systems, Synergy Manufacturing also manufactures a complete line of heavy-duty steering components, axle upgrades, skid plates, and other related products that dramatically improve vehicle on and off-road capability, performance, and appearance.   Read more

Eventuri Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Eventuri was founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in Aeronautics and tuning, all sharing a passion for cars and performance. After owning various intakes over many years for the company's cars and being disappointed with the gains, Eventuri decided to take things into their own hands and rewrite the book. To set a new benchmark in intake design and technology, above all – to engineer systems that provide real gains and publish genuine figures.   Read more

MSS Automotive Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

MSS Automotive award-winning adjustable modular suspension solutions were developed and engineered for safety, comfort, and performance. Thanks to a close collaboration between MSS Automotive engineers and one of the world's best spring manufacturers, Eibach, MSS Automotive has created a unique modular solution that enhances the ride comfort and safe road handling performance of vehicles used every day or on race circuits. The company's goal is to make the MSS Modular Suspension System available for an ever-increasing number of vehicle makes and models. With sites in the UK and the US, MSS Automotive supplies a worldwide customer base, and is now available at Grudge Motorsports!   Read more

ORACLE Lighting Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

ORACLE Lighting is a Louisiana-based company designing innovative lighting products and technologies for the automotive (12V), powersports, motorcycle, and marine markets since 1999. The company's philosophy is, in today's world of fly-by-night vendors, we think it is important to partner with businesses that can be trusted today, tomorrow, and for years to come. For many years, ORACLE Lighting has received accolades from numerous organizations for its business practices, including most recently being awarded SEMA's Manufacturer of the Year in 2021 for outstanding contribution to the automotive industry.   Read more

JLT Performance Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

The first JLT Performance cold-air intake was manufactured in founder Jay Tucker’s garage for his own personal 1999 Saleen Mustang, and not long after, he upgraded the car to a supercharged 2003 Mustang Cobra. The JLT Performance brand was founded upon this car. After manufacturing a cold-air intake for it and recording impressive results, Tucker was quickly inundated with orders and was able to slowly back away from his day job to focus on manufacturing cold-air intake systems.   Read more

Antigravity Batteries Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Antigravity Batteries was established in 2009 with the idea to offer high power, lightweight, and compact lithium-ion batteries to those racing Motorsports vehicles. The name Antigravity Batteries comes from the fact that the lithium-ion make-up of the company's batteries offers up to an 80% savings of weight over lead/acid batteries yet offers over TWO TIMES the cranking power of a lead-acid battery of the same size! Due to its reputation for a quality product, Antigravity Batteries grew to expand its product line for use in everyday and weekend vehicles. The company became known for offering the lightest, smallest, and most powerful batteries in the industry.   Read more

Crown Automotive Jeep Replacement Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

With over 9,000 different parts in stock for Jeep vehicles from 1942 on up, Crown Automotive has the largest stock of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles, including factory-discontinued parts. In fact, many of the older Jeeps are still on (and off) the road thanks to Crown parts. The Crown line consists of axle, body, brake, clutch, cooling, driveline, electrical, engine, exhaust, fuel, steering, suspension, transmission and transfer case components. Crown Automotive also offers an exclusive line of component kits and accessory products.   Read more

REMUS Performance Exhaust Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

REMUS's mission drives it to maximize a vehicle's performance and take it to the next level. The company accomplishes this by creating unique innovations in the premium sport exhausts system sector, producing products more sustainably, and profound engineering that includes in-house vehicle tests on its test benches and pass-by test track. REMUS not only delivers the highest quality construction but also stands out with the unique sound of its exhaust systems and defines itself by the sound of its product.   Read more

JBA Performance Exhaust Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

J. Bittle, the founder of JBA Performance Exhaust began seeking ways to develop unique products following graduation from Texas A&M University in 1980. Quickly, his catalog of proprietary and patented products—including his revolutionary JBA Performance Exhaust Shorty Header—took over the high-performance exhaust market. That world-famous product was the first to blend performance and reliability while conforming to California’s stringent emission laws.   Read more

Rugged Ridge Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Rugged Ridge is a division of Omix, the market-leader for replacement and restoration Jeep parts. With this know-how and experience, the Rugged Ridge pedigree is well established in the Jeep market and with the Jeep enthusiast. Realizing that there was a need for new Jeep parts and accessories, the Rugged Ridge brand was established in 2005 to fill that need. Rugged Ridge has designed and manufactured over 3,000 products for the Jeep market and continues to develop hundreds of additional Jeep parts each year. Count on Rugged Ridge to provide you with true and proven Jeep parts and accessories!   Read more
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