Grudge Motorsports is now an exclusive U.S. retailer for REMUS, a global leading premium brand of exhaust components and complete exhaust systems for sports cars applications.

REMUS's mission drives it to maximize a vehicle's performance and take it to the next level. The company accomplishes this by creating unique innovations in the premium sport exhausts system sector, producing products more sustainably, and profound engineering that includes in-house vehicle tests on its test benches and pass-by test track. REMUS not only delivers the highest quality construction but also stands out with the unique sound of its exhaust systems and defines itself by the sound of its product.

REMUS Innovation GmbH was founded in 1990, and only five years later, it succeeded in becoming a global leader in the world of sport exhaust manufacturers. The company now has approximately 850 employees and produces exhaust systems for the world market at three locations in Austria and Bosnia. Besides the aftermarket industry, the company's OEM clients include renowned high-end manufacturers, such as Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin, BMW, and Ducati. REMUS brings its gained OEM and motorsports knowledge and experience to the aftermarket, and these products are now available at Grudge Motorsports!

Product Lines:

  • Performance Automotive Exhausts
  • Sound Controllers
  • Throttle Responders

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