Synergy Manufacturing Now Available At Grudge Motorsports!

Synergy Manufacturing is an industry innovator and manufacturer of high-end automotive performance components. These components are predominantly made in the USA and are primarily for the off-road aftermarket. Synergy Manufacturing has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of premium suspension products and systems since 2005.

In addition to suspension systems, Synergy Manufacturing also manufactures a complete line of heavy-duty steering components, axle upgrades, skid plates, and other related products that dramatically improve vehicle on and off-road capability, performance, and appearance. Recent research and development projects have also led to several new cutting-edge products for not just the off-road aftermarket but for other motorsports, marine, and transportation applications.

Synergy Manufacturing products & systems are designed by real engineers with 10+ years of suspension design experience in the off-road industry. All Synergy Manufacturing's products are designed using the latest CAD engineering software to ensure the highest level of fit, finish, and performance. Additionally, Synergy Manufacturing's products are developed with a synergistic approach so that the sum of the components performs better than their individual parts.

All of Synergy Manufacturing's components/systems have not only endured countless hours of design, engineering, and testing but have also encountered thousands of hours of hard-core use all over the world. These testbeds include the Hammer Trails in Johnson Valley, CA, numerous trails in the Sierras of Northern California/Nevada (Rubicon, Fordyce, etc.), the Slick Rock of Moab, deserts of Southern California/Baja, Mexico, and Australian Outback to name a few. Synergy Manufacturing products are a perfect solution no matter the terrain, now available at Grudge Motorsports!

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