Functionality meets performance with the new HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust System for the 2017–2021 Honda Civic Type R. This catback exhaust system was developed to be comfortable enough for daily use, but add desired performance to match the character of the Civic Type R. The large diameter pipe and full straight structure of the HKS Legamax exhaust system reduces the exhaust pressure to 50% of the stock.

This significant exhaust pressure reduction enables the turbine to run smoothly from low RPM range, which results in the engine output increase in an entire speed range.

Also, this pressure reduction effect is enhanced as the tuning level becomes more advanced; the engine output can be increased to 532 hp without engine power-loss.


  • Constructed of ultra-thin stainless steel
  • Large diameter burnt titanium tips
  • Reduces weight and back pressure
  • Well-balanced deep sound with no drone

Application: 2017–2021 Honda Civic Type R

Part Number: 31021-BH003, HKS LEGAMAX Premium Honda Civic Type-R FK8

Our Price: $1,019.20

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