Machine Shop Services Price
Hot Vat / Jet Wash Engine Block Only $50.00
Hot Vat / Jet Wash Complete Engine $75.00
Hot Vat / Jet Wash Single Head $20.00
Bore and Hone Stock Engine Block $95.00
Bore and Hone Race Engine Block $195.00
Cut Deck on Engine Block $110.00
Remove/Install Cam Bearings $30.00
Remove/Install Freeze Plugs $30.00
Line Bore Mains $160.00
Install Splayed Caps $175.00+
Install Heli-Coil $15.00 ea
Cut Lifter Holes $160.00
Cut Lifter Holes, Install Bronze Bushings & Hone $450.00
Stroke Clearance Engine Block $125.00
Balance Rotating Assembly $195.00+
Install Pistons on Connecting Rods $12.00 ea
Recondition Connecting Rods $12.00 ea
Hone for Floating Pin $12.00 ea
Cut Connecting Rod Shoulder for Stroker $12.00 ea
Degree Camshaft (Non-VVT) $75.00
Degree Camshaft (VVT) $100.00
Assemble Stock Engine $350.00
Assemble Performance Street Engine $600.00
Assemble Bracket Race Engine $750.00+
Assemble N/T Grudge Race Engine $1250.00+
Assemble Pro Race Engine $2000.00+
Flycut Pistons $20.00 ea
Lighten Crankshaft $50.00 per lb
Bore Cam Tunnel for Roller Bearings $500.00
Grind Crankshaft $125.00
Remove Broke-Off Bolts $25.00+
Remove & Press On Hub or Axle Bearing $45.00 ea
Surface Cylinder Head $45.00 ea
Mill Cylinder Head (0.010 – 0.040) $85.00 ea
Angle Mill Cylinder Head (0.010 – 0.060) $125.00 ea
Cylinder Head Spring Set up and Assembly $50.00 ea
Standard Valve Job $125.00
3 Angle Valve Job $175.00
5 Angle Valve Job or Radius $225.00
Bowl Cut $120.00 ea
Chamber Work $65.00 ea
Cut Spring Pocket $95.00 ea
Cut Guide for Seals $95.00 ea
Replace Valve Guide (labor only) $15.00 ea
Cylinder Head Porting Call for Price
Move Rocker Stud Centerline Back $125.00 ea
Mill Pushrod Slot $75.00 ea
Drill & Tap for Screw In Studs $100.00 ea
Change Casting Numbers on Head $175.00 ea
Custom Made Crank Drive Mandrels $125.00+


  • Price does not include shipping parts to our shop or back to you once complete.
  • You are responsible for all shipping and packaging or delivery and pickup if local.
  • Typical turn-around time is 2 weeks. Expedited services are available.


  • Standard 2 Week Turn-Around
  • Expedited Turn-Around for Cylinder Heads (Pair) (+$15.00)
  • Expedited Turn-Around for Engine Block (+$25.00)
  • Expedited Turn-Around for Complete Engine (+$50.00)
  • Expedited Turn-Around Can Vary But Is Typically Between 3-5 Business Days
  • Expediting is usually not available for engine builds that require custom parts or out-of-stock parts

Grudge Motorsports

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We offer custom built race engines and transmissions for drag racing, dirt track, circle track, & street car classes along with high performance street and pro grudge cars. Browse our huge selection of over 500,000 high performance parts & combinations designed for every level of racing from Xtreme competitors to Weekend enthusiasts. We also have thousands of SUV, Jeep, & Truck accessories along with 4x4 off-road parts, wheels & tires.

Customer Reviews

CR 868HPN0.50 King Bearings

CONNECTING ROD BEARING SET For FORD V8, 4.6L/5.4L SOHC; alecular (racing line)

Great Communication

P Garrett on April 16, 2021

Everything was simple and the kit arrived at my door as expected. Thanks for the great customer service! I'll be back for more parts and will definitely recommend you.

Billy Boat Exhaust

Billy Boat Exhaust C7 Corvette Z06 Fusion Gen. 3 Axle Back Exhaust System

Perfect Fit!

W Watts on May 8, 2021

Top notch service for rock bottom pricing. Had a helluva deal on a made to order Billy Boat Fusion 💨for my Z06🤙🏽


Steeda S550 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote Stainless Resonator Delete Crossover Pipes

Great Customer Service

B Macon on May 27, 2021

Got exactly what I wanted and had it on my doorstep in just a few days. Many thanks for the great service. Sent you guys some videos!


Corsa 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2L V8 2.75in Black Xtreme Axle-Back Exhaust Dual Rear Exit

Super Fast Shipping

K Currie on June 3, 2021

Awesome customer service and super fast shipping, got my exhaust faster than expected! I LOVE IT!! Sounds mean now!!

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